Graduate Course in String Theory
                                           by Angel M. Uranga


These are the notes for a one-semester Graduate Course I have been teaching for the last three years at the Institute for Theoretical Physics IFT-UAM/CSIC, within the Graduate Program of the Departamento de Fisica Teorica at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.  

They are pretty lengthy (500 pages), so as to be additional support for the first-year students attending it.
As a disclaimer, let me mention that they are also rather preliminary in many aspects.
In future versions some of the more technical sections (for instance, Narain lattices, etc) will be indicated, so that they may be skipped in a first reading. I also hope to glue the different lectures together in a single file.
Also there are many small mistakes, typos, and sections to be improved. I hope to be able to do so in subsequent versions of these notes.
Any suggestions or comments in this direction are most welcome.  

Finally, I have not tried to be exhaustive in giving references, but just to provide some basic classic papers, and from time
to time some more recent one that illustrates present views and techniques in string theory. Also, the presentation is biased towards the pedagogical side, so that some important, although technically more demanding, tools are skipped (like conformal field theory, topological strings, supergravity, ...).

The whole set of lectures in a book-style format can be downloaded in a single file (ps (4.5MB), pdf (2.8MB) )
  (Many thanks to Tomas Ortin for his macros)
Otherwise, you can download the files corresponding to the individual lectures, shown below:

Overview: Motivation  (pspdf )

Overview: String theory in perturbation theory ( pspdf)

Overview: Superstrings ( ps , pdf )

Overview: String theory beyond perturbation theory ( pspdf)

Lecture 1: The quantized closed bosonic string ( pspdf)

Lecture 2: Modular invariance ( ps, pdf  )

Lecture 3: Compactification and T-duality (pspdf )

Lecture 4: Type II Superstrings ( pspdf )

Lecture 5: Heterotic Superstrings ( pspdf )

Lecture 6: Open Strings ( pspdf )

Lecture 7: Type I Superstring ( ps ,   pdf )

Lecture 8: Toroidal compactification of superstrings ( pspdf)

Lecture 9: Calabi-Yau compactification and Heterotic String phenomenology ( pspdf)

Lecture 10: Orbifold compactification (pspdf )

Lecture 11: Non-perturbative states in string theory ( pspdf)

Lecture 12: D-branes ( pspdf )

Lecture 13: String Theory at strong coupling and String duality ( pspdf)

Lecture 14: Non-perturbative effects in (weakly coupled) string theory ( pspdf)

Lecture 15: D-branes and gauge field theories ( pspdf)

Lecture 16: Brane-Worlds ( ps pdf  )

Lecture 17: Non-BPS states in String Theory ( pspdf )

Final comments


App.1: Group theory ( pspdf  )

App.2: Topological tools: Homology, cohomology and fiber bundles ( pspdf)

App.3: Supersymmetry ( pspdf)

I hope to continue improving these notes. Please visit us again

Angel M. Uranga
Last modified, April 26th 2005