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Indira Ocampo, selected for a prestigious grant from the ESA Visitor Program

  • Indira Ocampo Justiniano, a predoctoral researcher at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (IFT UAM-CSIC), has been selected as a recipient of one of the prestigious grants from the European Space Agency’s Visitor Program.

The ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme provides a unique opportunity for scientists at all career levels affiliated with institutes in ESA Member States and Collaborating States.

Ocampo has been chosen to participate in the program, which aims to maximize the scientific output from ESA’s space science missions. Indira’s research area focuses on “Machine Learning the cosmological large-scale structure of the universe with Planck and Euclid.” During her three months residence, Indira will conduct her research at ESTEC (Noordwijk, Netherlands).

The program offers visiting scientists the opportunity to interact with archive and mission specialists for questions on the retrieval, calibration, and analysis of archival data. All areas of space research covered by ESA science missions can be supported, and applicants are encouraged to consult the table of expertise and contact relevant scientists in their field of interest.

Congratulations to Indira Ocampo for this achievement!