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The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee at IFT started its mission on March 2020. It is integrated by elected representatives of all research and administrative bodies of the institute.

Our priority is to sustain a lively working environment at IFT that promotes, reflects and respects diversity and fosters equality and inclusion.

  • Administration

Rebeca Alameda

Laura Marcos Mateos

  • Information Technology

Emilio Ambite

  • Postgraduate researchers  

Alexander Bernal González

Matilda Delgado

Indira Ocampo Justiniano

Ignacio Ruiz García

  • Postdoctoral researchers

Andriana Makridou

Rosa Sanda Seoane

  • RyC and Talento

Ernesto Arganda

Sachiko Kuroyanagi

  • Senior Staff

David Cerdeño

Margarita García Pérez

Esperanza López

(Member of the IFT Board)

Savvas Nesseris

You can contact all members of the committee personally, through the Committees’ e-mail address, or submitting your concerns below