One, No One and One Hundred Thousand: You know more than you think you know

Outreach talk at Enartia Headquarters, Crete, 2018

Facing problems is an ubiquitous and unavoidable feature of human existence.
Solving problems is what we do, or at least try to do, every single day of our life.
How many times have you heard the tip: ”…you have to see the problem from a different POV ?” Well, it works… and it goes under the name of DUALITY !
No matter if you use it for your Best Hard Rock Performance, for advertising
your geeky (but not nerdy) movie or for your mind-blowing artwork , dualities are an incredibly powerful tool everybody of you should know about it. I will drive you in a short journey through the zombie argument, convex optimization and ontological philosophy to end up into the deepest concepts of modern (and not) mathematics and theoretical physics. As a practical application of all this bla bla bla I will explicitly show you how to connect the mysteries regarding the novel materials all tech companies are after with the physics of black holes in extra dimensions.
Please fasten your seat belt, ready for take off !!

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Como puede ser que en el grafeno y otros
materiales los electrones no tengan masa?