My Lectures

Practical mini-Course on Applied Holography

This is a collection of notes based on lectures originally given at IIT Madras
in September 2019. It is supposed to be a concise (and therefore not compre-
hensive) and pragmatic course on applied holography and especially the (ba-
sic) analytic and numerical techniques involved. The lectures are not focused
on the large theoretical and fundamental background which can be found al-
ready in several places in the literature, but rather on concrete applications of
Bottom-Up AdS-CFT to Hydrodynamics, QCD and Condensed Matter. The
idea is to accompany the reader step by step through the various benchmark
examples with a classmate attitude, providing details of the computations and
open-source numerical codes in Mathematica, and sharing simple tricks and
warnings collected during my research experience. At the end of this path,
the reader will be in possess of all the fundamental skills and tools to learn
by himself/herself more advanced techniques and to produce independent and
novel research on the topic.

Open-source Mathematica Notebooks available:

Given at IIT Madras, September 2019 and UAM Madrid, December 2019

Lectures on phases of matter and collective excitations