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Instituto de Física Teórica UAM-CSIC

Madrid, 26-28 September 2022


The Swampland program gives general constraints on effective theories to be compatible with quantum gravity, therefore defining the Landscape of consistent theories. The program is quickly gaining command of the fundamental understanding of open questions in particle physics and cosmology, ranging from the hierarchy of fundamental scales in nature, to the origin and final fate of the universe.

The aim of this workshop is to gather leading experts in the field, to discuss the recent developments in our understanding of the Swampland and its implications for cosmology and particle physics.

This is the third edition of the previous very successful related workshops Vistas over the Swampland and Navigating the Swampland


Luis E. Ibáñez

Fernando Marchesano

Ángel M. Uranga


Lars Aalsma

Arizona State U.

Ralph Blumenhagen

MPI Munich

Niccolò Cribiori

MPI Munich

Mariana Graña​

IPhT Saclay

Thomas Grimm

Utrecht U.

Álvaro Herráez

IPhT Saclay

Dieter Lüst

LMU & MPI Munich

Severin Lüst

Harvard U.​

Luca Martucci

Padova U.

Liam McAllister

Cornell U.

Miguel Montero

Harvard U.

Eran Palti

Ben Gurion U.

Julio Parra-Martínez


Matt Reece

Harvard U.

Tom Rudelius

UC Berkeley

Alessandro Tomasiello

Milan Bicocca U.

Irene Valenzuela


Thomas Van Riet

Leuven U.

Timo Weigand

Hamburg U.

Max Wiesner

Harvard U.

Discussion Leaders

Miguel Montero

Harvard U.

Poll Results

Fernando Quevedo

Cambridge U.

Cosmo & Swamp

Gary Shiu


Cosmo & Swamp