Karl Landsteiner

You might have landed here accidentally, looking for HIM. Note that although we have been born in the same city and share a name there are some notable differences between the two of us: I am a physicist, whereas HE was a medical Doctor. HE won a Nobel Prize, whereas I am still working on it  smiley
If you want to know more about HIM look here, otherwise continue reading please.

Instituto de Física Teórica
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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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Recent Talks:
Anomalies and Transport
The Sound of Strongly Coupled Field Theories
Superconducting Quasinormal Modes
Holography and the Chiral Magnetic Effect
The Dual Use of String Theory
Anti-de Sitter Space: A Common Room for Strings and Atoms?

I have recently co-organized the

Link to ESI Programme    ESI Programme on AdS/CFT and the Quark Gluon Plasma